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Please visit the BayLibre Product Page for more Informations about the ACME capes and probes :


GitLab Project page :

This project is to provide a reproductible, maintainable and functional Beaglebone Black images for the BayLibre ACME Cape using IIO as backend for Measurement transmission over network.

This image is targeted to be used using the following utilities :

Warning: This image is not compatible with the initial sigrok based release you can find at :

The current baylibre-acme sigrok upstream driver will only work on this previous image release.


Warning : This release is still in beta phase, some extended testing must be achieved

Build Instruction


Warning : Re-building is not the recommended way to use the ACME probes with the BeagleBone black, such instructions are given to give liberty to reports bugs or eventually personalize the system if needed

Install Instruction

Simply copy the image file onto the microSD Card, under Linux run :

$ xzcat acme-beaglebone-black_b3-sdcard-image.xz | sudo dd of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=1M

Insert the microSD Card into the BeagleBone Black slot, (optionally) connect an Ethernet cable to a DHCP backed LAN network and power it through USB. When the LEDs blinks as an heartbeat, the system is up and running.

Using a system on the same local LAN network with Avahi or Bonjour installed, test the system connectivity by pinging the ACME board :

$ ping baylibre-acme.local

pyacmegraph Instructions

A new graphical tool has been backed by the BayLibre team to visualize and save power metering.

Please refer to :

Experimental Features

An USB Gadget interface with Network and Console links has been added along other personalization features.

Please refer to :

A Yocto SDK Toolchain is provided since the b2 release, please refer to :

CLI Usage Instructions

The experimental Network CLI is available at acme-cli

The pyacmed server is provided in the latest ACME Yocto based images and works with this CLI software.

Sigrok / PulseView Instructions

See libsigrok to install and use libsigrok with IIO on your system.

iio-capture Instructions

See iio-capture to install and use the iio-capture tool with the ACME probes.

Bugs & Support

Hardware Schematics are available at:

Please use the ACME project page to report any issues (